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Applying the Principle of Backwards Design from UBD to Structured Word Inquiry: 
Enduring understandings of how the written word works

Many schools work hard to gain the learning benefits that result from applying the principle of backwards design from the UBD to instruction of core subjects -- except that of how the written word works. 
The fact that facility with the written word influences virtually every corner of school curricula makes this omission particularly concerning. 
Structured word inquiry is an instructional approach to the written word based on linguistic conventions that makes sense of English spelling. This article illustrates how backwards design can be used to guide teachers to create and assess structured word inquiry instruction to enrich learning in any subject area. 
"This article by Pete Bowers makes some interesting connections between UbD, Real Spelling and the development of critical thinking skills in students."
Bill and Ochan Powell - Education Across Frontiers

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