WordWorks offers on-on-one tutoring and a variety of different workshops based on your needs.  Choose from the ones listed below. Buttons link to more detail on courses and workshops.

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    Teacher Course: 5 Sessions over 5 Weeks 

WordWorks offers teachers an opportunity to gain linguistic knowledge and develop confidence in classroom strategies for teaching elementary students how English spelling works.

Classes will combine discussions on reading about key features of how the writing system works as well as modelling teaching strategies. Most importantly, teachers will use this time to plan language lessons for their classes, then share and learn from each other’s experiences. Teachers can organize a group to start a class, or individual teachers can contact Peter to see if there is room to form a group. Click here for a more detailed description of the underlying philosophy that guides our work with teachers.

Cost: $50 per 1.5 hour session/ $250 per person

Dates/Times/Location: To be negotiated with the group.

  On-site Presentations / Workshops (local)

One to two hour introductory presentations can be organized for interested groups. Half day / full day workshops are also offered. Contact us to set up times and venues.  In the past workshops have taken place at local schools. All workshop offered in Ontario are subject to the 13% HST.

1 Hour         $ 500

2-3 Hours    $ 800

Full Day       $1200

Modeled lessons in classrooms with follow up discussion are also offered. (cost negotiated with teacher / school)

  Summer Workshop: Intensive 3 Day Course

This session is a smaller version of Melvyn Ramsden’s residential course in France. Our course is designed to help teachers with the practical aspects of teaching the writing system in the typical classroom, small group or individual settings. We work intensively with an understanding of how the writing system works – so in this respect our course will draw heavily on Real Spelling materials. Click here for images and description of last year’s courses.

Cost: $500 CAD per person (lunch and/or dinner meals can be negotiated)  For Ontario workshops like our Summer Courses, we have to charge 13% HST.

(Teachers who cannot get funding support from their school should contact us regarding a sliding scale)

On-site International School Workshops

Pete is available for travel to schools around the world. See list of schools and contact numbers here. Accounts of learning at some of these schools can be found here. Videos, images and lessons from our most recent trip (Indonesia, China, Bahrain and Qatar in fall 09) can be found here.


$1200 per day plus accommodation (a room in a teacher’s house preferred!) and travel expenses.

            (Any local taxes are the responsibility of the school)

$350 per day of traveling for long distance trips.


Copyright Susan and Peter Bowers 2008

On-Line Workshops, Lessons and Tutoring

We conduct workshops remotely from Wolfe Island to anywhere in the world with a reasonable internet connection. For schools, the recommended model is an introductory session, followed by a series of visits to classrooms in which I teach a lesson after co-ordinating with the classroom teacher. This way teachers can observe model lessons in any grade (K-12). We usually plan to save time at the end of classroom sessions so that I can debrief with the teachers who have observed the lesson.

Introductory Workshop Sessions

1 hour session: $500

2 to 3 hour session (with a short break): $800

Follow up classroom sessions: $300 per session

Personalized Tutoring (in person or on-line via Zoom video conference)

Booked in sets of 5 sessions at $100 per session.

An individualized program is designed to cater to the literacy needs of learners of any age.  Sessions are about 1 hour -- but that may be 30 to 45 minutes with the student, with the remaining time for guidance with the adult co-learner. While my instruction is guided by the student’s interest, questions and needs, a consistent adult learning partner needs to attend all sessions. My goal is to help foster a learning team with you and your child that can continue after our sessions end, so the care-giver becomes the co-learner with the student.

Process: Contact Pete <peterbowers1@mac.com> to set up a time to discuss details on Zoom. You do not pay before the first session. If after the first session you decide to continue, we book 4 more sessions for the payment of $500. If you decide this won’t work for you and your child for any reason, there is no charge for the first trial session.